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myPSC makes life simple for contractors managing their own Personal Service Company (Limited Company). We will ensure that your candidate’s Company is functioning at its best by providing a specialised accounting software and support solution. The result is a higher take-home pay for candidates you place!

As the director and shareholder of their own Limited company, contractors will have full control and management of their company. myPSC will simply assist them to maximise their earnings and provide on-going support while they take charge of their finances.

Referring any candidates to myPSC is simple. We just need the contractor’s name, contact number and email address to get the ball rolling.

How can myPSC benefit your agency?

When referring your candidates to myPSC, you automatically gain a competitive edge by providing these temporary workers with a significant rise to their take home pay without any additional work. This means happy and satisfied candidates; allowing your agency to focus on its core business of attracting and retaining skilled workers.

When your candidates choose to operate under their own limited company, your responsibilities, as an agency, considerably reduce:

  • No Employers NI contributions – an immediate saving of 13.8%
  • No Statutory Payments such as Sickness or Maternity
  • No payroll, tax or employment calculations or queries
  • No Agency Worker Regulation, Workplace Pension Scheme or RTI requirements
Will this work for my Contractors?

Yes, provided they meet the following criteria:

  • Want to be paid in a tax efficient manner
  • Long-term contractor intending to contract for the foreseeable future
  • Want full control of their financial affairs
  • Good Credit Profile– in order to open a business account
  • Have considered their IR35 status (IR35 Guidance)
Why choose myPSC?

The process is quick, clear and simple with a system that is easy to use. We have a dedicated and personalised team to work closely with you and your candidates, ensuring you both receive the highest quality of service.

Agencies will enjoy the benefits and peace of mind of having their own dedicated relationship manager and an experienced support team at their fingertips, at no cost to your agency.

E-mail us at info@my-psc.com or Call us on 0800 0217 186