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With myPSC, you can expect a high quality service with a multitude of benefits that will save you both time and money!

Saves Time

  • Eliminate the hassle associated with managing your own UK based limited company.
  • Remove the administration of compliance with regards to preparing and submitting statutory accounts, returns and confirmation statements.
  • Make decisions in real time based on daily uploaded bank transactions without a time lag between providing information and receiving feedback on your company’s current financial position.
  • Maintain the control and financial advantages of directing your own limited company from your fingertips via our myPSC Mobile app, or, vie the web based portal.
  • Simple, straight-forward registration and set-up process.
  • Same day invoicing, payment and expense processing.
  • Automatic RTI payroll submissions to HMRC.
  • London based Registered Office; any statutory mail (from HMRC and Companies House) that is sent to this address and can be forwarded to a nominated location.

Saves Money

  • Up to 20% higher take-home pay
  • A single software and support service subscription fee with no hidden charges.
  • No subscription fee is charged for periods of inactivity, e.g. when on holiday, taken ill or between contracts.
  • Claim business and travel expenses.
  • Subscription fee discount for referring friends.

    As part of your subscription, our team of dedicated support staff will also be available to attend to you and your company’s needs, so please feel free to contact us should you have any queries.

What Does It Cost?

As myPSC is an online accounting software and support solution, you simply pay a 12-month, all-inclusive subscription fee of £1560 and myPSC does the rest.

Save More

  • The annual fee accrues on a weekly basis at £30 per week but only during periods that you are invoicing or receiving payments as you may suspend your subscription fee for periods of inactivity, e.g. when on holiday, taken ill or between contracts.
  • The subscription fee will be automatically calculated and paid to myPSC on a monthly basis.
  • No VAT is charged or due on the subscription fee and it will be accounted for as an allowable expense in your company’s Annual Financial Statements.

E-mail us at info@my-psc.com or Call us on 0800 0217 186